How to Select Wire Rack Shelving

Wire rack shelving is widely used in many fields for its features and a variety of materials.wire rack shelving

Choose wire racking shelving that is made of steel components. 14 gauge steel is best. Stay away from fiberglass or aluminum shelving, as these will not be strong enough over the long term.

Choose heavy duty wire racks which bolt together. If you have to go with a used wire rack, do so, but don't select a rack that you have to snap together.

Select wire rack decking that has a footplate capacity of at least 20,000lbs. Most warehouses use a standard 5" × 8" footplate which has about 36" of shelf spacing.

Choose wire racks that offer add-on units. Most wire rack shelving has the option of adding more units if you need them. These are the best types of shelving to invest in.

Purchase additional accessories at the time of initial order. You will need items such as mesh decking, row spacers, and safety supports. Select a few of these items now, as you will need to replace them over time due to weight and damage.

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